Episode 51: George Lincoln Rockwell: The Most Racist American in History Footnotes

Episode 51 Footnotes AP

1. Ralph McGill Responded to Temple Bombing

2. Arlington’s Uneasy Relationship With Nazi Party Founder

3. George Lincoln Rockwell, father of American Nazis, still in vogue for some

4. Rockwell’s Four Phases of Gaining Power

5. For Race And Nation: George Lincoln Rockwell and the American Nazi Party

6. The leaderless resistance

7. When Malcolm X Met the Nazis

8. FBI Vault

9. George Lincoln Rockwell speaking at UCLA 5/16/1967

10. American Fuehrer: George Lincoln Rockwell and the American Nazi Party

11. Photos of American Nazis driving a ‘hate bus’ through the Deep South, following Freedom Riders

12. Death of an Arlington Nazi

13. The Turner Legacy

14. An online subculture celebrating the Charleston church shooter appears to be inspiring copycat plots

15. What We Can Dispense With

16. Alt History

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