Episode 56: The Sackler Family: America's Deadliest Drug Dealers Footnotes

Episode 56: Footnotes Beverly Research

1. The Sackler family made their fortune in opioids — and museums are rejecting their donations

2. As They Profited From the Opioid Crisis, Sacklers Funded Anti-Muslim Network

3. Arizona Rep Took $10,000 Trip to Speak at British Anti-Muslim Rally

4. Middle East Forum

5. ‘A blizzard of prescriptions’: Documents reveal new details about Purdue’s marketing of OxyContin

6. The Family That Built an Empire of Pain


8. Drug Overdose Deaths in the United States, 1999–2016

9. US Department of Justice

10. The Family That Built an Empire of Pain

11. The Secretive Family Making Billions From the Opioid Crisis

12. Sackler Embraced Plan to Conceal OxyContin’s Strength From Doctors, Sealed Testimony Shows

13. What You Should Know About Richard Sackler’s Long-Sought Deposition