Episode 77: The Bastard Manifesto Footnotes

Episode 77: Footnotes iHeartMedia

1. End of history

2. Ever more people worldwide living under dictatorship, German study finds

3. Psychologist Jordan Peterson says lobsters help to explain why human hierarchies exist – do they?

4. The Social Brain Hypothesis: Are our brains hardwired to deal with social hierarchies?

5. A survey of non-classical polyandry

6. How Hunter-Gatherers Maintained Their Egalitarian Ways

7. There’s a nearly 40 percent chance you’ll get away with murder in America

8. Eating Christmas in the Kalahari

9.Power Causes Brain Damage

10. Power Doesn’t Cause Brain Damage

11. Theory of Culture Change: The Methodology of Multilinear Evolution

12. Aryans reading Adorno: cyber-culture and twenty-1st- century racism