Episode 12: The British Super-Soldier Who Destroyed His Own Nation Footnotes

Idi Amin Footnotes Getty Images

1. I Knew Idi Amin

2. Idi Amin Biography

3. The Idi Amin theme continues

4. Hiding away in an east London

5. Amin Praises Hitler For Killing Jews

6. Idi Amin. Icon of Evil

7. Amin's Dungeon

8. New insight into Amin's passion for Scotland

9. Idi Amin: The Expulsion of South Asians from Uganda

10. Ugandan Asians dominate economy after exile

11. Milton Obote's lasting legacy to Uganda

12. The Rise to Power of the Butcher of Uganda

13. Idi Amin, Murderous and Erratic Ruler of Uganda in the 70's, Dies in Exile

14. Idi Amin Dada