Episode 22: Alex Jones: The Godfather of Fake News Footnotes

Alex Jones Footnotes Screenshot: Twitter

1. Drink Up: High Lead Levels Found in Two InfoWars Supplements

2. Alex Jones: Conspiracy Inc.

3. The Sandy Hook Hoax

4. Alex Jones Sandy Hook Case File

5. AZ Shooter Was Fan Of Conspiracy Theorist Alex Jones Movies

6. PizzaGate Shooter Read Alex Jones

7. Tamerlin Tsarnaev's Influences Include Alex Jones and a Radical Exorcist

8. EEOC Claim vs. InfoWars & Alex Jones

9. Big Brother Alex Jones Monitors, Records His Ex-Wife


11. Infowars Founder Alex Jones Discusses Custody Battle

12. Kelly Jones finishes testimony in custody dispute with Alex Jones

13. Alex Jones Child-Custody Trial Ends With Only A Hint Of Conspiracy

14. Alex Jones’ Custody Trial: 10 WTF Moments

15. What a Killer Was Watching

16. Alex Jones: Conspiracy Victim or Evil Mastermind?

17. Police Report

18. How a public-access broadcaster from Austin, Texas, became a major conspiracy theorist and one of Trump's most vocal supporters

19. Alex Jones Just Can't Help Himself

20. Meet Alex Jones

21. Video clip of Old Like-able Alex Jones.

22. Alex Jones predicts 9/11.

23. Alex, claiming the Soviet Union was funded by the U.S. Army

24. Alex Jones, Machete race war prediction

25. Alex Jones with his dirty gym socks on his ears

26. Alex Jones wandering shirtless through the woods like a goddamn maniac

27. Alex making insane sandy hook claims

28. Alex talking about all the teenage sex he had

29. Caveman supplement ad

30. Frank!!! Ad

31. As Infowars' Alex Jones Fights Defamation Lawsuits, Let's Talk Media Literacy Programs

32. The Sandy Hook Hoax

33. Conspiracy Theories Made Alex Jones Very Rich. They May Bring Him Down.

34. Alex Jones’s Media Empire Is a Machine Built to Sell Snake-Oil Diet Supplements

35. I need your help, Frank! video clip

36. DNA Shield Ad

37. Alex Jones Shirtless

38. Moneybomb Footage

39. Infowars Water Filter Ad

40. Alex Jones's son challenges David Hogg to a debate.

41. Alex Jones special report about Iodine

42. Jones Apologizes To Chobani

43. Alex talking about Sandy Hook parents

44. Jones confronts Oliver Darcy

45. Jones wearing a donkey mask and ranting