Episode 23: Erik Prince: The Rich Kid Who Bought An Army Footnotes

Episode 23 Footnotes Getty Images

1. Echo Papa Exposed

2. Blackwater Review

3. Blackwater’s Descendants Are Doing Just Fine

4. Secret Desert Force Set Up by Blackwater’s Founder

5. The American mercenary behind Blackwater is helping China establish the new Silk Road

6. I Was a Mercenary. Trust Me: Erik Prince’s Plan Is Garbage.

7. Meet Erik Prince, former Navy SEAL and founder of the most notorious security contractor who Steve Bannon wants to run for Senate

8. Before Shooting in Iraq, a Warning on Blackwater

9. The Dark Truth about Blackwater

10. The DeVos Dynasty: A Family of Extremists

11. Blackwater Broke Rules, Report Says

12. Donald Trump And The Wollman Rinking of American Politics

13. Erik Prince's Plan to Privatize the War in Afghanistan

14. The MacArthur Model for Afghanistan

15. Private War: Erik Prince Has His Eye On Afghanistan's Rare Metals

16. The Prince Pitch

17. Erik Prince’s security company in northern Mozambique: Plot or coincidence?

18. Erik Prince to Partner With Mozambique Hidden-Debt Companies

19. Erik Prince Buys Navy in Mozambique

20. Auditors on $2 Billion Mozambique Debt Sales Still Can’t Find All the Money

21. Civilian Warriors: The Inside Story of Blackwater and the Unsung Heroes of the War on Terror

22. The UAE In Yemen: With a lot of help from its mercs

23. In Blackwater Case, Court Rejects a Murder Conviction and Voids 3 Sentences

24. Shadow Force: Private Security Contractors in Iraq

25. Assassinations, Weapons Smuggling, Wife-Swapping—The Latest Accusations Against Erik Prince and Blackwater

26. Science and Technology of DIRECTED ENERGY WEAPONS

27. Lead and children