Episode 26: Steven Seagal Is So Much Worse Than You'd Ever Imagine Footnotes

Episode 26: Steven Seagal Is So Much Worse Than You'd Ever Imagine Footnotes

1. StevenSeagal.com

2. Hollywood's altar ego

3. The Putin-Seagal bromance: The backstory

4. How Did Steven Seagal And Vladimir Putin Become BFFs? Bob Van Ronkel Introduced Them

5. Lukashenko Gives Steven Seagal the Carrot Treatment During Belarus Visit

6. Стивен Сигал

7. OTRC: Steven Seagal, Arizona authorities deny puppy was killed in raid

8. Kayden Nguyen (PICTURE) "Sex Toy" Lawsuit: Steven Seagal Attacked Me

9. The Untold Truth Of Steven Seagal

10. Steven Seagal gets to play cop

11. Kickin' Blues Brother

12. Songs From The Crystal Cave

13. Granddaughter Of Ray Charles Speaks Out About Steven Seagal’s Sexual Harassment!!!

14. Steven Seagal: I Can’t Believe It’s Not Buddha!

15. Statement by H.H. Penor Rinpoche Regarding the Recognition of Steven Seagal as a Reincarnation of the Treasure Revealer Chungdrag Dorje of Palyul Monastery

16. Steven Seagal: Drug warrior, honorary cop, alleged serial sex abuser

17. Steven Seagal accused of raping an 18-year-old — adding to decades of claims against the actor

18. Is the world ready for Steven Seagal's Genghis Khan epic?

19. Steven Seagal Accusers Detail ‘Horrible’ Allegations of Rape, Sexual Assault: We Want Him to ‘Apologize’

20. The untold truth of Steven Seagal

21. Live From New York: The Complete, Uncensored History of Saturday Night Live

21. A Mafia Case, And a Scene Straight Out Of Hollywood

22. Sure, He's Making a Box-Office Killing—but Who Is Steven Seagal?

23. Seagal packs a .45 in his belt