Episode 30: The Birth of American Fascism Footnotes

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1. "True Americanism": The Rise of America's Nazis in the Great Depression

2. The strange case of the Northwest's Native American Nazi

3. The JQ in Spain

4. The Reds Are Upon Us

5. The Coming American Fascism

6. Italian Fascism in the United States

7. The United States was never immune to fascism. Not then, not now

8. Hitler's American Friends: The Third Reich's Supporters in the United States

9. Des Moines Speech

10. The fascist who 'passed' for white

11. Charles Lindbergh: Hitler's all-American hero

12. Perfide Albion — Perfidious Albion

13. How Hitler's fascism almost took hold in Los Angeles

14. Footage Recalls the Night Madison Square Garden Filled With Nazis

15. When Nazis Filled Madison Square Garden