Episode 33: Paul Manafort Update: He's Still Somehow Even Worse Than You Know Footnotes

Manafort Footnotes REUTERS via Page Six

1. Trump chair Paul Manafort: 'mercenary' lobbyist and valuable asset

2. Widow to sue Shell over husband’s execution by Abacha regime

3. Details of execution of 43 Nigerians by Abacha regime

4. Manafort’s long and sordid history of working for the world’s worst people

5. On the frontline of Europe’s forgotten war in Ukraine

6. Paul Manafort Trial in Virginia: Here’s What Happened Day by Day

7. Winners and losers from the Manafort plea deal

8. A note on the Manafort texts

9. Manafort’s $15K ostrich jacket was an impulse purchase: tailor

10. Manafort appears in court in wheelchair, to be sentenced in February