An Update on our Old Pal Jeffrey Epstein

In Episode 95, Robert is joined by Dan O'Brien for an update on the Jeffrey Epstein saga.

Part Two: The Bastard Who Invented The Lobotomy

In part two, Robert is joined again by Daniel Van Kirk to continue discussing Walter Freeman.

Voices of Revolution

Special Bonus Minisode: The collected unedited audio of the interviews from 'The World is Burning.'

Don’t sit this one out. We know you’ve heard it before, but this time it’s actually different. The Trump impeachment saga is confusing, complicated, and also really, really important. In Impeachment Today, Hayes Brown does what he does best: cuts through the noise to tell you what actually matters.

Impeachment Today is now available. Listen here

Part Two: The Bastard Who Invented Homeopathy

In Part Two, Robert is joined again by Billy Wayne Davis to continue discussing Samuel Hahnemann and homeopathy.