Andy Ngo: The Next Generation of News Grifter

Fox News

Robert is joined again by Jack O'Brien to discuss news grifter,  Andy Ngo.<br><br><strong>Footnotes:<br></strong><br>1. <a href="">What do the videos show of the brawl at Cider Riot? Take a look.</a><br>2. <a href="">Undercover in Patriot Prayer: Insights From a Vancouver Democrat Who's Been Working Against the Far-Right Group from the Inside</a><br>3. <a href="">Respectable Law Tweet 1</a><br>4.<a href=""> Respectable Law Tweet 2</a><br>5. <a href="">New Evidence Shows Joey Gibson's Role in Planning May Day Attack at Cider Riot</a><br>6. <a href="">Andy Ngo Tweet</a><br>7. <a href="">I was the target of alt-right death threats across the internet – here's what happened next</a><br>8. <a href="">Andy Ngo on Tucker Carlson Tonight</a><br>9. <a href="">What happened when I wrote about Islam in Britain</a><br>10. <a href="">The assault on conservative journalist Andy Ngo, explained</a>