Bjorn Lomborg: Patient Zero of Climate Denial

Bjorn Lomborg

In Episode 89, Robert is joined by Eric Lampaert to discuss Bjorn Lomborg. <br><br><strong>FOOTNOTES:</strong><br><br>1. <a href="">Bjorn Lomborg’s lukewarmer misinformation about climate change and poverty</a><br>2. <a href="">BJORN LOMBORG: PERFORMANCE ARTIST EXTRAORDINAIRE</a><br>3,<a href=""> Bjorn Lomborg Bibliography</a><br>4. <a href="">Hot, It’s Not</a><br>5. <a href="">On Bjorn Lomborg and extinction</a><br>6. <a href="">The Skeptical Environmentalist: A Case Study In The Manufacture Of News</a><br>7. <a href="">Bjørn Lomborg: the dissenting climate change voice who changed his tune</a><br>8. <a href="">Bjørn Lomborg WSJ Op Ed Is Stunningly Wrong</a><br>9. <a href="">Who’s Behind Trump’s Claim the Green New Deal Will Cost $100 Trillion?</a><br>10. <a href="">Exclusive: Bjorn Lomborg Think Tank Funder Revealed As Billionaire Republican 'Vulture Capitalist' Paul Singer</a><br>11. <a href="">Common Core’s Global Warming Agenda</a><br>12.<a href=""> James Harff</a><br>13. <a href="">Copenhagen Consensus III</a><br>14.<a href=""> Bjørn Lomborg centre got $640,000 for report saying limiting warming rise to 2C not worth it</a><br>15. <a href="">Atmospheric engineering may help reverse global warming</a><br>16. <a href="">SCIENTIST AT WORK/Bjorn Lomborg; From an Unlikely Quarter, Eco-Optimism</a><br>17. <a href="">About Bjorn Lomborg</a><br>18.<a href=""> UCS Examines 'The Skeptical Environmentalist'</a><br>19. <a href="">THE EXTINCTION CRISIS</a><h1><br></h1>