Part One: Frederick Lindemann: The Deadliest Scientist Ever

National Archives and Records Administration

In Episode 85, Robert us joined by Edgar Momplaisir (Culture Kings) to discuss Frederick Lindemann: The Most Powerful Scientist In World History.<br><br><strong>Footnotes:<br><br></strong><a href="">1.  Churchill's policies to blame for 1943 Bengal famine: Study</a><br><a href="">2. Frederick Lindemann: Churchill’s Eminence Grise?</a><br><a href="">3. The Most Powerful Scientist Ever: Winston Churchill's Personal Technocrat</a><br><a href="">4. Why ‘strategic’ bombing doesn’t seem to work</a><br><a href="">5. A Failure of Intelligence</a><br><a href="">6. Massacre by miscalculation: Britain's targeting of German cities was not only immoral, but a waste of bombs, says Tom Wilkie</a><br><a href="">7. The Power to Persuade</a><br><a href="">8. Radar Inventor Blasts Snow's Godkin Thesis On Tizard, Lindemann</a><br><a href="">9. Science And Government( 1961)</a><br><a href="">10. Great Contemporaries: Frederick Lindemann (“The Prof”)</a><br><a href="">11. Tennis or war - he played to win</a><br><a href="">12. LORD CHERWELL: CHURCHILL’S CONFIDENCE MAN</a><br><a href="">13. Churchill's Secret War: The British Empire and the Ravaging of India during World War II </a>