Part One: James O'Keefe: The Patron Saint of News Grifters

Chip Somodevilla—Getty Images

In Episode 82, Robert is joined by Jack O’Brien to discuss news grifters.<br><br><strong>Footnotes:<br><br></strong>1. <a href="">ACORN sting 'pimp' is N.J. man who attended Rutgers University</a><br>2. <a href="">James O’Keefe: Portrait Of An Activist As A Campus Gadfly</a><br>3. <a href="">The Leadership Institute: The Group That Helped Launch The Conservative Careers Of Two Alleged Phone Tamperers</a><br>4.<a href=""> Abortion foe goes undercover</a><br>5.<a href=""> What the NYT Magazine Doesn't Say About James O'Keefe</a><br>6. <a href="">Now defunct, group that secretly filmed Texas lawmakers ordered to turn over financial records</a><br>7.<a href=""> Hannah Giles, No Nellie Bly</a><br>8. <a href="">The Twisty, Bent Truth of the NPR-Sting Video</a><br>9.<a href=""> The Power of James O’Keefe</a><br>10. <a href="">How Erik Prince Used the Rise of Trump to Make an Improbable Comeback</a><br>11.<a href=""> Googler Caught in James O’Keefe Sting: Project Veritas ‘Selectively Edited’ My Words</a><br>12. <a href="">This is not how I expected Monday to go!</a><br>13. <a href="">James O’Keefe’s Google ‘Whistleblower’ Loves QAnon, Accused ‘Zionists’ of Running the Government</a><br>14. <a href="">Project Veritas and ‘whistle-blower’ published bullshit ‘data-leak’ to dox Google employees</a>