Part One: Ragnar Redbeard: The Patron Saint of Toxic Masculinity

City of London Corporation

In episode 88, Robert is joined by Jamie Loftus to discuss Ragnar Redbeard, the socialist turned Proto-Nazi who inspired a mass shooting.<br><br><strong>FOOTNOTES:<br></strong>1. <a href="">Festival shooter Santino Legan wore tactical gear, sunglasses and a ballcap. He 'seemed confident in his use of the gun.'</a><br>2.<a href=""> Desmond, Arthur (1859–1926)</a><br>3.<a href=""> Ragnar Redbeard’s Might Is Right or the Survival of the Fittest<br></a>4.<a href=""> Babylon the Great</a><br>5. <a href="">Anton Lavey's Satanic Philosophy</a><br>6. <a href="">"Trouble Makers" - Anarchism and Syndicalism.<br>The early years of the Libertarian Movement in Aotearoa / New Zealand<br></a>7. <a href="">Radical: the story of Arthur Desmond</a><br>8. <a href="">Story: Desmond, Arthur</a><br>9. <a href="">Arthur Desmond - Ragnar Redbeard and "Might Is Right"</a><br>10. <a href="">'Labor Song' or 'Hear Tigers Snarl'</a><br>11. <a href="">Might is Right or the Survival of the Fittest</a>