Tommy Robinson: The Fascist Grifter With An Addiction to Being Arrested

Luke Dray/Getty Images

In Episode 83, Robert is joined by Jake Hanrahan to discuss Tommy Robinson. <br><br><strong>Footnotes:<br></strong><br>1. <a href="">Tommy Robinson boasts about scoring drugs and proclaims himself 'king of whole Islam race', in newly emerged video</a><br>2.<a href=""> Tommy Robinson encouraged vigilante action, judges say</a><br>3. <a href="">Finsbury Park attacker turned violent by far-right posts from Tommy Robinson and Britain First, police sa</a><a href="">y<br>4. Tommy Robinson: The rancour, rhetoric and riches of brand Tommy</a><br>5. <a href="">We’re told 84% of grooming gangs are Asian. But where’s the evidence?</a><br>6.<a href=""> Rotherham abuse: report finds 1,400 children were victims</a> <br>7. <a href="">Number of child sexual abuse victims in Rotherham raised to 1,510</a><br>8. <a href="">Book Review: Enemy of the State by Tommy Robinson</a><br>9. <a href="">Pegida UK supporters stage anti-Islam silent march in Birmingham</a><br>10. <a href="">Arrests after Yorkshire anti-racism gig stormed</a><br>11. <a href="">Attacks on Muslims: numbers in detail</a><br>12. <a href="">EDL leader Stephen Lennon convicted of assault</a><br>13. <a href="">EDL Leader Stephen Lennon, AKA Tommy Robinson, Jailed For 10 Months For False Passport</a><br>14. <a href="">EDL founder Stephen Lennon guilty over football brawl</a><br>15. <a href="">Eyewitness: EDL return to Luton</a><br>16. <a href="">The EDL: Britain’s ‘New Far Right’ social movement</a><br>17. <a href="">The BNP past of the EDL leader</a><br>18. <a href="">Man held for 1995 murder</a><h1><br></h1><h1><br></h1>