Saddam Hussein: Erotic Novelist

How well do you know Saddam Hussein? In Episode 1, Robert is joined by Jamie Loftus (The Bechdel Cast) and they discuss Saddam Hussein's childhood, his career as an erotic novelist, his demise and much more.

Stalin: After Dark

Let’s talk about Stalin, baaaaaaby! In this Bonus Episode, Robert is joined by Brandie Posey (comedian, writer & producer) and they discuss Josef Stalin who was a bank robber, a sex icon, the drunkest man in history and more.

Episode 0: Farting Hipster Hitler

Let's be real, Hitler’s probably the most famous person…ever. In episode 0 Robert is joined by Jack O'Brien (The Daily Zeitgeist) and they discuss young Hitler, his hipster wardrobe and his horrible farts. 

Behind The Bastards: Trailer

From Hitler’s love of young adult fiction to Saddam Hussein's shameful romance novels, this podcast sheds new, weird light on history's monsters.