Part Two: Ragnar Redbeard: The Patron Saint of Toxic Masculinity

In Part Two, Robert is joined again by Jamie Loftus to continue discussing Ragnar Redbeard. 

Part Two: Rudolf Steiner: The Racist Who Invented Organic Farming and Waldorf Schools

In Part Two, Robert is joined again by Chris Crofton to continue discussing Rudolf Steiner.

Introducing Worst Year Ever

 2020 isn't going to be fun for anybody, left, right, or center. What many call the Most Important Election of Our Lifetime is going to be exhausting, ugly, angry, and probably at least a little racist. Listen as Robert (Host of Behind the Bastards and It Could Happen Here), Katy, and Cody (Hosts of Even More News) try to keep level heads covering the election while traveling the country, from the Iowa Caucus to gun shows and anti-vaccine conventions, finding out what Real America really wants and thinks during the, “Worst Year Ever.”Check out Worst Year Ever on Apple Podcasts below!


Part Two: How Winston Churchill and Frederick Lindemann Starved India

In Part Two, Robert is joined again by Edgar Momplaisir to continue discussing Frederick Lindemann.